Psychic News

Psychic News 

The first issue of the paper was published on 28 May 1932. The name of the paper was devised by one of its founding editors, Maurice Barbanell, who said that he was told to use it by his spirit guide. Along with Barbanell, the founding members were Hannen Swaffer, a Fleet Street journalist, and Arthur Findlay, a notable figure in the history of Spiritualism in Britain.

Maurice Barbanell

The original publisher of Psychic News, from 1932 to 1980 was Psychic Press Ltd. The newspaper was next supported by the Spiritual Truth Foundation (STF). In 1995, the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) acquired it, and both the publishing and bookshop departments were relocated to Stansted Hall — better known as The Arthur Findlay College.

If you have additional copies of PN, maybe you can send them to me. I'll add it to the web for everyone.

The papers were donated by Sri Sunkara. You can visit their website:  hispirit or aspiritspeaks