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I have degrees in Physics. In 1993, I became interested in in parapsychology issues but it was not until 2003 when I realized that one of the branches of psychic science (Survival after death) was the most impressive. During my research, I found that other scientists had studied these phenomena (as William Crookes, Charles Richet, ...). I found articles, illustrated booksphotographs, and many details of the investigations. Many of them are now impossible to find in print form.

Unfortunately most of these texts are in English, so I assumed the job of translating them. These translations allowed me to better understand the work of the scientist in this field, and let me to show other people the depth of these investigations.  Little by little I learned to read and translate texts, using my knowledge of English, two automatic translators and knowledge of the subjects  in order to obtain a faithful translation. During the translation work, I was completing my degree in Physics.

When I translated enough texts I decided that maybe some websites would be interested in them. However, most of them declined the offert. Then, in August of 2011I decided to create my own website http://survivalafterdeath.blogspot.com ), where I add translations, texts and other print books (almost extinct) and some personal investigations and reflections that I have been doing.

Now I am still rising material and texts in Spanish. In the web site you will find information of great researchers like William Crookes, W.W. Baggally, W. J. Crawford, T. G. Hamilton, A. Russell Wallace, J. C.R. Zöllner, Nandor Fodor ... and many others. I hope to serve as base for those who want to begin an investigation in this field.

You can see many books in English. Section: Books

I am currently working in collaboration with Walter D. Falk, I'm translating into Spanish the Archives Hamilton.

You can contact me via e-mail ( cienciaspsiquicas@gmail.com ) or from my own web.

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